Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three phase loco manufacturing

Audit of following Work Instruction was done in Shop # 19

Preparation of filter cable( W 19.047):-

 Following issues mentioned in the Railway Boards letter dated 20-01-2012 which were discussed with DyCEE(D&D) again analysed in the the shop :-
  • Use of indigenous hybrid module in WRE gate by BTIL:-

  • Insertion of insulating plate of Fr4 grade Glass Epoxy between gate and cathode plate:

  • Use of Philips IC 74HC T04 in place of Texac make:-only terminals are visible from outside.
  • Modified Heat exchanger:- Modification yet to be confirmed.

  • Stopping use of KUK Make DC link voltage sensor:-LEM make has been discontinued.

All these issues were discussed with the firm as production staff for ensuring quality.

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