Monday, October 22, 2012

Three Phase Locomotive Assembly

Audit of following 3 Work Instructions was done in Shop # 19. Report is as follows:-

Fabrication of AC2 panel ( W 19.006):-
  • Drilling as mentioned in the para # 3.2 of this WI is irrelevant. Same should be modified.
  • VS diodes fixing plates have 4 corner holes but are fixed on 2 mid holes. Same should be procured accordingly.

Arc welding of joints ( W 19.007):-
  • Pre-heating of electrodes as mentioned in para 34.1 of this WI should be ensured.

Prepartion of Cable of various size ( W 19.008):-
  • Cables of this section not being sent for ‘pull-out’ test, were sent for same.

Other Observations:-

  • HSBC contactors are lying on the floor since long in zero bay of shop #19. This is making them dusted all around. They should be stored properly.

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