Thursday, October 4, 2012

Feedback from Tata loco shed

More failure reports sent by TATA shed were analyzed in the sop:

Failure of carbon brushes:-

Pigtails were reported to have come out.

These carbon brushes are of Assam Carbon Make.

Pigtails are moulded inside the brushes and there is no means of testing their grip

Other failures:-

PCB Card failure, CG Module failure that were reported by TATA shed had card failures from M/S BT and M/S CGL.

Failure of M/S Anup Malleable Bogie frame as reportede by SER was discussed with the production and inspection staff .

Staff has been booked to Bondamunda shed for investigating the FAG and NBC make Axle boxes.

Report from WR regarding WAP-5 TM power cables rubbing with lifting hook was verified in the shop. This is a known problem ( WAP-5 excess length power cable) which has already been reported to production.

 RB’s letter regarding failure of ABB make transformer oil in DGA test was discussed with production staff on shop floor. All three transformers were having BDV > 60 KV. DGA facility is being made available in CLW.

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