Thursday, November 7, 2013

HITACHI commutator manufacturing

Audit of 3  WIs was done in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-
TIG Welding , Deburring, Fillling of Compound & Joggling Cutting ( W 23.002):-
Points noticed:-
  • Pressure, Flow rate and Current measuring gauges while TIG welding were being sent for calibration.

  • Jigs used in deburring  INJ-026,028 were being sent for for calibration.
  • Standard Spatula for mixing compound was being made available.
  • Compound HEW 823A was of expiry date. Dial guage used while Joggling Cutting was being sent for calibration.
  • Surge/Impulse testing record should be entered in the formats with mentioning time of baking.

Turning of Sliding Surface of Commutator i.e. ‘Diamand Turning’ ( W23.004):-
 Points noticed:-
  • Commutator diameter measuring gauge was being sent for calibration.
  • Ovality Checking dial gauge was being sent for calibration.
  • Job no 21518 was checked for testing records. It was the latest job for which complete records were available; however, jobs have been dispatched further after this also.

Pitch Measurement & Correction of Hitachi Commutator ( W23.029):-

Points noticed:-

  • This WI is needs to be withdrawn.

Friday, November 1, 2013

More on Hitachi TM Manufacturing

Audit of 2  WIs was done today in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Polyglass Binding ( W 23.003):-

Points noticed:-

  • Varnish/Solvents KS707, WSY 285  and S30 being used in the shop mentioned in the WI are being checked of expiry date.
  • EGY Glass Twine Chord 2mm dia mentioned in WI point no 3.9 is being followed at all.
  • PG banding sequence mentioned in WI point # 3.6 is being followed. PE side was being done before CE side
  • In place of EGT , ETT of size ( 0.18 x 25 ) was being used , this size is not mentioned in the WI.
  • Jig INJ-030 was being for calibration
  • Tape Tension measuring machine was being sent for calibration.
  • Record for baking done for 12 hours was being found.

Balancing of HITACHI Armature  ( W23.005):-

Points noticed:-
  • Balancing machine was being sent for calibration.

Other Shop Inspection:-
Loco no WAG-7 48427 due for dispatch today was inspected. NC of pipe passing holes, which was pointed out in earlier locos too (reported in my inspection report dated 11.2.2012 ), was not attended.

How Hitachi Armature Coils are formed

Audit of 2  WIs was done today in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Hitachi Armature Coil Forming ( W 23.007):-
Points noticed:-
  • WI needs modification since....
  • Conductor being cut was of lesser length than mentioned in WI.
Length in WI
Actual Length found during inspection
1691 mm
1689 mm
1682 mm
1680 mm
1666 mm
1664 mm
1654 mm
1652 mm
1642 mm
1640 mm
  • Actual length being cut in shop is less than permitted tolerance in WI.
  • Bending Jig INJ-017 was being sent for calibration.
  • Clearance between jig and roller not as per para 3.2.3 of WI.
  • Stopper location 810 mm instead of 812 mm mentioned in WI para 3.2.5
  • Spacers used were not as per para 3.2.8 of WI.
  • No GO guage for measuring dia of head also “goes” through.

Hitachi Armature Coil Forming ( W 23.008):-
Points noticed:-
  • Tube KCTUN-1 was being used in place of KCTUN-CI -6 mentioned in WI.
  • KCTUN was of 3 A make. This could not be located in the CLW approved list.
  • KCTUN tube was being cut for 30 mm whereas mentioned 30mm in the WI. para 3.2.1
  • 30 T press machine for doing Step Down was being sent for calibration.

  • Jig for Step Down INJ-016 was being sent

    for calibration.