Thursday, November 7, 2013

HITACHI commutator manufacturing

Audit of 3  WIs was done in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-
TIG Welding , Deburring, Fillling of Compound & Joggling Cutting ( W 23.002):-
Points noticed:-
  • Pressure, Flow rate and Current measuring gauges while TIG welding were being sent for calibration.

  • Jigs used in deburring  INJ-026,028 were being sent for for calibration.
  • Standard Spatula for mixing compound was being made available.
  • Compound HEW 823A was of expiry date. Dial guage used while Joggling Cutting was being sent for calibration.
  • Surge/Impulse testing record should be entered in the formats with mentioning time of baking.

Turning of Sliding Surface of Commutator i.e. ‘Diamand Turning’ ( W23.004):-
 Points noticed:-
  • Commutator diameter measuring gauge was being sent for calibration.
  • Ovality Checking dial gauge was being sent for calibration.
  • Job no 21518 was checked for testing records. It was the latest job for which complete records were available; however, jobs have been dispatched further after this also.

Pitch Measurement & Correction of Hitachi Commutator ( W23.029):-

Points noticed:-

  • This WI is needs to be withdrawn.

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