Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Coil Manufacturing of Traction Motor

Audit of following WI was done in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Hitachi  Field Coils( W 23.024):-
Points noticed:-

  • Punching jigs INJ-109 INJ-110 were being sent for calibration
  • MP coil Baking jigs INJ -004 INJ-006 were being sent for calibration.

  • CP coil Baking Jig INJ -012 was being sent for calibration

  • Terminal corrector jigs INJ -210, INJ 211-A &B were being sent

    for calibration.
  • Warnish/solvents WSY-285, HEW were checked for  expiry date.

Wheel Assembly Shop was visited with CEE ( P&I) for axle bearing bolts of WAP-4

FAG and NIE are using different sized bolts for same bearings.
Inspection staff has been asked to check tap drill depth.

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