Friday, August 24, 2012

TM tests and WAP-5 bogie

One day  BHEL’s TM failure was analysed with BHEL representative in the shop #18 .

Heavy abnormal sound was observed hence motor was declared unfit for service.

WAP-5 bogie new checksheet’s locations were have been finalised

Deviations are generated regularly for dimensions.

Holes in the brackets were not in the exact centre of the brackets.

In view of these deviations, RDSO has concluded that Gear Case breakage is taking place.

Since exact tolerances are to be  maintained in WAP-5 bogie it is machined on CNC.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

WAG-7,WAG-9 & WAP-5 Bogie Fabrication

( W 25.010):-
What to be ensured:-
  • Spheriblocks being used in WAP-5 Bogies ( 8 in each bogie) should not be of expiry date. Being rubber item, it may not be desirable from residual life point of view.

  • Fixtures for bogie fabrication should be calibrated

Welding by GMAW process ( W 25.002):-
What to ensure:-

  • Lots of spatter which appear after each welding should be avoided.

  • The anti-spatter spray should beused  by staff without fear of flashing. Anti-spatter spray being used should not be of expiry date.

  • WAP-5 bogie fabrication work is to be done on  CNC machine, otherwise Holes are off-centre, dimensions are out of tolerance.