Saturday, August 23, 2014

Making of Traction Motor

Machining of three phase TM shaft was inspected today in the shop.

Two items are received in TM shop from steel foundry as small foundry. Both of these are among

70 off loaded to trade.

Machining of commutator spider was inspected. It was seen there were lot of surface defects in the spider hub.

Hitachi Commutator Manufacturing

Audit of TM Shop #23 Work Instructions was started. Following WIs were audited :-

Stacking of Hitachi Commutator ( W23.027):-
Points noticed:-

  • Triclorothylene solvent which is used to clean copper segments was checked for expiry date ( Mfd in 2008).

  • Jigs INJ-33 , INJ-34, INJ -106 were being sent for calibration.

  • Instruction no 3.8 was not being followed ( use of the triangular block and 0.5 mm guage).

Static Pressing of Hitachi Commutator After Stacking (W23.028)
Points noticed:-

  • Pressing Jig HITA/COM/6 was being sent for calibration.
  • No of heating –cooling cycles and its duration (6hrs) could not be maintained as per instruction no 3.1

  • Alkyd varnish WI-294 was checked for expiry date.

  • Production staff was made conversant with the steps to be followed in this WI.
  • Gauges used for checking inner dia were sent for calibration.

Inner Dia was checked in the recently made commutator C8446 was found to be 276 mm ( within limit).