Monday, April 29, 2013

Manufacturing Poles of Traction Motor

How Poles are manufactured in the TM shop?

Manufacture of Main Pole and Compole Core ( W 21.102):-
Points noticed:-

  • Jigs used while hydraulic pressing INJ-116 and INJ-118 is sent for calibration.

  • Gauge for pressure in the machine is sent for calibration.
  • Tack welding of rivets is not done with mild steel electrode but done with low hydrogen electrode as mentioned in para 3.3 of the WI.

  • Straight bead welding jig INJ-119 is sent for calibration.

  • SS support welding jig INJ-052 is sent for calibration.

  • Overall quality of the bead welding is inspected.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Traction Motors in CLW how best quality is maintained.

Audit of following Work Instructions was done in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Static Balancing of Armature Stacki ( Before Mounting with Commutator) ( W 23.033):-
Points noticed:-
  • Gauges used for checking balance are sent for calibration.

  • Static balancing is being done as sacrosanct process.

Welding of Mainpole and Compole ( W 21.103):-
Points noticed:-
  • Pin Hole checking  being done as per para 3.3 of this WI.
  • Bead slump measurement is being done as per para 3.4 of this WI.

  • Mild Steel welding is being done in place of Low Hydrogen welding as prescribed in the para 3.1 of WI.

Another problem in brake hanger bracket failure was reported by CEE(Loco) during shop inspection, same will be studied in detail later.