Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Traction Motor Commutator

Audit of WIs in TM Shop report:-
Assembly of Stacked Commutatort on Steel Parts( W23.030):-
Points noticed:-
  • Cleaning of machined commutator should not be done with Trichloroethylene in place of Methyl Alcohol. Cut jars should not be  used for cleaning in place of Proper Containers.
  • Varnish WSY-195 R used on 8 degree face was being checked for expiry date.
  • Application this varnish up to bottom should be done.
  • Varnish TVA 1410 applied on exposed steel parts  should not be of expiry date.
  • No make was written/embossed on the front and back Micanite Cone.(These are RDSSO controlled items but inspection mark CLW-4 was written over them)
  • For commutator vee ring, make SHESS was written but same should be in approved in master list.
  • While assembly, elastomer should be applied per instruction 3.4.1.

  • Jigs INJ-040,038 and HITA/COM/05 were being sent for calibration.

  • Only 2 cycles of Claming Heating and Cooling should not be done in place of 3. For trade commutators, dielectric strength was being tested at 6.5 KV only against prescribed 8.01 KV.

  • Measurement of 22 mm diemsion should be   taken as prescribed in instruction no 3.6
Profile Turning and Deburring ( W23.001):-
points noticed:-

  • Spanner used for fixing driver dog should be  no. 24/27.

  • Dial Guage With limit 0.015 should be calibrated

  • Depth guage should be calibrated.
  • Armature shaft sleeves have become very old and probably deformed in profile.
  • Deburring tool should be available.
  • Impulse and IR test was being conducted after heating only. WI says heating ( that too 12 hrs) should be done only if IR comes < 100 MOhms.

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