Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inside the locomotive assembly line

Audit of following Work Instructions was done in Shop # 19. Report is as follows:-

Manufacturer of BA panel ( W 19.005):-
Points noticed:-

  • BA panel frames ( Mostly of M/S Modern) were rusted at many places. This was either due to inferior paint or due to outdoor storage in CLW

  • Busbar to earth clearances of 60 mm as prescribed in para 3.9 of this WI are  to be strictly maintained.

  • Para 3.6 of this WI needs modification. QD and Q20 have gone into CPU nowadays and SHAA has become SHTM.

  • Arc chute bolt and nuts material should be same.
  • Gas welding quality needs improvement.
  • Line contactors of M/S Stesalit  make had spring washers whereas CLW make don’t have spring washers. This needs to be addressed by design.

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