Saturday, October 20, 2012

How Locomotives are assembled?

Audit of following 3 Work Instructions was done in Shop # 19. Report is as follows:-

Calibration of Pantograph ( W 19.018):-

  • Calibration being done in test shed on AM-12 was observed . Practical method being adopted by using a kind of jig is entirely different from the one given in WI.

  • WI should be modified accordingly.

  • Measurement of Panto lock down force of 17 kg as mentioned in para 3.8 of this WI is to be ensured.

Oxy fuel welding of pipes ( W 19.019):-
  • This WI has become obsolete since pipes these days come with bellows.

Transformer oil filtration ( W 19.020):-
  • This WI has not been revised since 1996, as new types of filtration plants have come after that.

  • Floor are near oil-filtration plant was found very dirty and slippery, same attended.


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