Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Phase motor for locomotives

Audit of following 2 Work Instructions was done today in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Manufacturer of Rotor Core (Copper Stamping Design) ( W 21.414):-
Points noticed:-

  • Gauge for measuring pressing force of 45 T should be calibrated regularly..
  • Measuring and recrding of stack length as asked in para 3.17 of this WI should be followed.

Manufacturer of Rotor Core (Copper Stamping Design) ( W 21.415) Rotor bar insertion:-
Points noticed:-

  • Binding with steel tape as mentioned in para 3.8 of this WI should be follwoed. In case it is found redundant , WI should be modified.

While auditing of above WIs, Production staff was counseled about Railway Boards letter dated 16.12.2011 in which recommendation for preventing failures were given.

Defects list sent by BRCY shed was examined in shop floor.
Following is the analysis/action taken:-

  • Ba panel flashover:- deficiency has been pointed out earlier by inspection wing and request for  maintaining minimum 60 mm gap (between phase-earth) in busbars of BA-2 panel as per WI19.005 was made (vide above referred note) same being done.
  • Moreover, BA panels don’t bear any Serial Number, making it impossible to identify the staff who has worked upon in the BA panel provided in a particular loco.
  • Cable Crimpings of AC-2 panel manufacturing section are not sent for pull out test. Same started.
  • Line contactors L1,L2,L3 supplied by M/S Stesalit did not fail but L4,L5,L6 manufactured by CLW have failed. Kindly recall the letter dated vide which ensuring SS make hex bolts and spring washer was requested by quality wing.
  • Shunting contactor failure:-Letter has been written to supplier of Shunting contactor.
  • Other defects:-were informed to DyCEE-EL.
Above shows that CLW takes solid action on each shed's feedback.

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