Thursday, November 22, 2012

How Traction Motors Are Manufactured?

 Audit of following 3 Work Instructions was done in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Preparation of NDE End Frame  ( W 21.406):-
Points noticed:-

  • Compressed air cleaning aof end frame as mentioned in para 3.2.1 of this WI should be followed.
  • Fixing the Dowel and greasing with greasing nipple should be done. This WI needs modification.
  • Anti-rust compound Vevopol application on bearing cap as mentioned in para 3.2.10 is should be done.
  • Protection with adhesive paper tape as mentioned in para 3.2.15 is to be done.

Preaparation of DE End Frame ( W 21.407):-
Points noticed:-

  • Points noticed in previous WI hold good for this WI also.

Completion of DE & NDE End Frame , Temp. Sensor & Speed Sensor Assembly ( W 21.408):-
Points noticed:-

  • Compressed air cleaning of temperature detector hole should be done.
  • Drill cleaning of holes as mentioned in para 3.2 of this WI should be done.

  • Depth gauge reading of holes should be taken.

  • This WI mentions pouring RTV 622A+622B mixture in boreholes, which is different from practice, Foam plate application hence WI needs modification.

During inspection, In one of the finished job, half ring welding crack was observed and was reported to Production supervisor, and got attended.

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