Thursday, November 8, 2012

World Class Traction Motors Produced by CLW

Audit of following 2 Work Instructions was done in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Routine test of 3-phase Traction Motor ( W 21.411):-
POints noticed:-
No Load Test:-

  • This WI is outdated. Resistance measurement by DC current injecting as mentioned in para 3.1.2 of this WI is done by micro-ohn meter nowadays. Additional measurement of Induction and PF is being done in shop which is not mentioned in WI
  • Tests are to be done on testbed after clamping. Same should be ensured. 
  • Rotor crack test on LV as mentioned in para 3.1.3 is also not done nowadays. WI needs modification
  • Intial test on 100 V for 5 min as mentioned in para 3.1.9 is to be ensuered.
No load Characteristic, Blocked rotor (SC) , Dielectric and IR  Test:-
  • All being done religiously.

  • Temperature probe calibration is done but , there should be a jig for same.

  • Some of the instruments/gauges used while testing are due for calibration.Same done.

Test of Assembled Traction Motor ( W 21.412):-
Points noticed:-

Dial gauge used for radial/axial play measurement is due for calibration.Same done.

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