Thursday, July 7, 2016

We take feedback seriously and work towards quality improvement.

Problems were highlighted by CEE (ECR)  :
First point mentions non-standard bolts in traction bar
These bolts are supposed to be of 8.8 grade but actually of different grade as embossed on bolt head.
Production staff told that they were using what was issued from stores. Stores people told they procure what is specified.
It seems that design office’s intervention was required.

Next point of not providing safety slings in TM and Compressor ( as per SMI) was discussed with inspection supervisors and they were told to generate NC for same.

Metallic bush was inspected in the slack adjustor assembly and it was found that exact location needs to be clarified by Gomoh


TM support plate ( another trade item ) crack failure is known problem to inspection staff. But this was a lot-specific problem not reported by other sheds.
Location of the cracks is shown in the picture above.

Use of non-standard nut in brake hanger safety sling also needs intervention of design office .

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