Friday, December 18, 2015

3 phase loco quality checks

Work Instruction audit of W21.605 ( Main Pole and Compole lead terminal brazing) :

Process of silver foil melt filling  :

Underframe assembly should not have NC of camber deviation .

The NC of hanging CO2 emission pipe should be attended.

It was reported that in 3-phase loco traction-bar pang bead sealant is not being used since long.

A camber of 15 degree in the middle of the roof will be required with design section approval.

We should avoid stacking of roofs one over other continues, which may deform the profile.

With quality control pneumatic copper pipe failures can be controlled. (like disconnected copper pipes from TRIPLATE panel)

This problem was again analyzed in the shop.It was found that earlier design of TRIPLATE panel located on the wall was better as it was less vulnerable to vibrations.


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    1. Its for academic purpose only. Do mail me on for doubts if any

    2. Its for academic purpose only. Do mail me on for doubts if any

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