Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Loco Depsatch and shell shop

Work flow of shell shop was discussed . It was told that Conventional shell takes 22 days cycle time and 3-phase   shell takes 31 days cycle time.

Problem of gap in roof of WAP5 was also discussed.

All quality officers were engaged in ISO internal audit meetings .

Steel foundry was inspected .


Mould hardness ( push button) measurement was observed.

 Core Hardness ( knife edged) measurement was observed.

Material Examiners of Shop#66 informed that they are chasing so that core was  being offered for inspection.

Wide opening found in one of the castings after knock down.

It was instructed to inspection staff that core and mould should be strictly inspected as rejection of final casting is wastage of resources.

However, staff reported that after their bookings on post-knock down castings, Fettling supervisor  signs on the mandatory register kept for this purpose.

Bogies are 100% undertaken for radiography test and other castings 20% , as reported by the steel foundry staff.

Three locos scheduled for dispatch ( HH- 1420,1421 & 1422) were inspected in the test shed today.

Traction Motor Cable fouling due to non provision of cleat was pointed out during inspection of HH-1422.

Another NC noticed during inspection of all three locos was that of use of PVC insulation cable in air dryer ( trade item). This was pointed out to the production staff also.

While measuring buffer height the measurements were prone to track error as not all tracks are fit for the measurement. 

Shop #12 was visited for WAP5 roof problem feedback again today. 

Though no changes have been made in the fixtures, it was assured by production staff that they will send the roof after surface matching only now onwards.

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