Saturday, July 23, 2016

Loco final inspections

Problem of defective CBC lock pin was observed in the outgoing locos.

This lock pin (trade item) does not have head-protrusion.

CEE(P&I) inspected roof of TP-44 alongwith CEE(Loco) and Shell production staff and  inspection staff.

Necessary instructions were given to inspection staff for checking the same.
Paint thickness measurement in the outgoing locos was also carried out by CEE(P&I).

In the out going loco,  air was leaking through TM blower.

Inspection staff was instructed to generate NC for same.

Problem of WAP5 gasket-roof was analysed in the shop today.

Fixture for drain channel. Calibration needs to be checked.
Camber for the roof arch is checked regularly as seen in the records.
Roof retaining hatch reportedly not provided between panto roof and converter roof.

It is also suspected that stacking of one roof over other ( WAP5 sheet is thinner than other locos) either in Shop#12 or in Shop # 16 might have deformed the profile which results in gap between roof and the gasket.


Drain Channel Panto roof.

During inspection of a loco in Bay#2 ,it was found that RSPS cowl was not having 2 bolts , which was due to  non-matching of holes.

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