Sunday, December 21, 2014

Loco under inspection in CLW

TPP- 109 was having operating rod deficient in the loco. Upon investigation it was found that after movement of the same, while shunting, operating rod became defective. This NC was recorded by inspection staff under acknowledgement to production staff.

Another problem raised by CEE (Loco) was that of less height of machine room door in TP-39. Same has been instructed to be included in the check sheet now-onwards.

In TP-40, ladder bracket was short in the roof. This was an NC in the roof inspection record. Talking with Shop #12 how they moved the shell without attending the same.

CMM machine was found locked in the TM shop. It has been planned to be seen for working tomorrow.

Request for calibration of roof fixtures is  being attended in Shop #12. Seen in the above picture is the fixture of WAG9 roof in which there is no date of calibration.

Underframe welding defects were observed in the loco# HH 1424 in testing shed inspection 

Inspection staff reported that piping hole defects in this loco pointed out earlier have been attended.

Roof fitment of TP-39 was being done in Assembly shop. Staff of Shop#12 were attending the roof since there were some issues in the fitment.

Status of NCs generated in the month of January was analysed. In a month, total 7557 NCs are generated.

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