Monday, December 8, 2014

General Loco Inspection After Manufacturing

CMM machine AMC staff did not turn up in the morning. Terminal box connection process was inspected in the Shop # 23 today.

Loco 30049 WAP5 in the test and trial line was inspected, one of the operating rod was not working , same was reported to Dy.CME(ELF) .

Despite reminding in PPM there are movements without movement slips in from Shop #17 and 18.

Reports from shed:- Sr.DEE BRC informed that one of the 3 phase locos he received recently, valve set of traction converter has become defective, and same is being sought to be replaced with help of GZB shed.

Locos scheduled to be dispatched were inspected in the trial line .

Screws were not provided in the cab window fame which was reported to the production staff.

Due to some railnfall , there was water leakage in the mid-machine room. It was also shown to the production staff.

Report received from BRCY shed ( enclosed herewith) was discussed in the shop today alongwith inspection supervisors.

In addition to warranty failure, one problem reported was that of not locking of the gear case oil guage cover.

All gear cases were having cover on the oil guage.

Recently one gear case of KMRI was M-13ed by WM , hence some gearcases available in the shop were inspected from oil leakage point of view.

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