Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Roof fitment in locomotives

Underframe welding defects were observed in the loco# HH 1424 in testing shed inspection .

Inspection staff reported that piping hole defects in this loco pointed out earlier have been attended.

Roof fitment of TP-39 was being done in Assembly shop. Staff of Shop#12 were attending the roof since there were some issues in the fitment.

Status of NCs generated in the month of January-12 was analysed. In that month, total 7557 NCs were generated.

Number of NCs have increased by about 1000 that month.

Regarding problem of OCB equipments fouling with the roof of WAP5 ;TP-39 was inspected .

It was seen that dimensions of the OCB ( 4 parts ) needs to be checked.

It was told  that earlier OCB was imported and now it was being supplied locally, which might have led to dimensional variation leading to light passing through roof.

Locos due for dispatch today were inspected.

In The WAG9, following NCs were found:-

Unfilled holes in the OCB bottom frame will lead to dust ingress.

Baby compressor was mounted on three bolts only instead of four.

Reoprt sent by BZA shed was analysed in the TM shop. 

Satator MP coil over heated in one TM:- For this M/S Saini has been informed .

Armature Polyglass Banding given up in two TMs:- For this, commutators’ firms are being informed.

Stator MP connection open in one TM:- AS reported earlier, brazing workmanship has been found satisfactory. This TM failed after one year of service.

Armature coil damage in one TM:- This was a rewound armature, DyCEE TMM has been informed of the same as rewinding workmanship could not be checked in the shop.

BZA was informed of the above, and shed

asked for assistance regarding motors.

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