Thursday, January 31, 2013

Traction Motor Assembly

Audit of following 2 Work Instructions was done today in TM Shop. Report is as follows:-
Motor Assembly ( W 21.301):-
Points noticed:-
  • While doing CE end bearing bracket preparation, air blowing/cleaning as per para 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 should be done.
  • WI prescribes for various quantities of grease to be filled ( 195 gms, 89 gms, 505 gms etc). There is no method of measuring that quantity exactly.

  • Special tool mentioned in para 3.1.4 should be available.
  • Molybdenum disulphide being used ( trade name Molygraf) should be checked for expiry date.
  • While preparing for PE side bearing bracket same points as mentioned above stand good.
  • While doing armature assembly, guide collar (INJ-067) should be  used on CE side.
  • Fasteners(M20, M24) being used are of UNK and AEL make. They should be checked for approved source.

  • Machine oil as mentioned in para 3.4.4 should be used.
  • Method of armature assembly as mentioned in para 3.4.2 of this WI should be followed.

Motor Assembly ( W 21.302 )
Points noticed:-
  • Guide collar as mentioned in para 3.1.2 of this WI for inserting armature  should be used.
  • Tightening torque 3500 Kg Cm should be given with torque wrenche, but same should be used.
  • Para 3.1.7 of this WI should be followed.
  • Press board as mentioned in this WI para 3.1.11 should be used.
  • 5mm gap as mentioned in para 3.1.12, should be recorded.

  • Dial indicator as mentioned in para 3.1.14 should be used. Dial gauge when taken out was found due for calibration. 
  • Croocdness of brush holder as mentioned in para 3.1.18 should be measured/recorded.

  • Rocker assembly should be tightened with torque wrench.
  • Fasteners(M16, M20, M24) being used are of UNK and AEL make. They should be checked for approved source.

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