Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Traction Motors Manyfacturing

Audit of following Work Instructions was donein TM Shop. Report is as follows:-

Assembly of short circuit cage( W 21.404):-
Points noticed:-

  • Initial insertion of 4 copper bars as mentioned in Para 3.5 of this WI should be followed in induction brazed rotors as evident from above snap.

  • Press punching as mentioned in para 3.10 of this WI should be followed in practice.
  • Due to non availability of copper bars and MIG welding plant defective 3 phase TN rotor assembly work is held up since more than 10 days.
  • Steel tape binding as mentioned in para 3.15 of this WI should be done
  • There are two types of rotors being manufactured:- MIG welded and Induction brazed. There is no WI issued for the latter.
  • Knowledge of this WI is ok among the staff.

BRC shed has further reported failure of Harmonic filter contactor air pipe. Same forwarded to Production and design.

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